Special-purpose equipment

In addition to general-purpose industrial valves, PromArm supplies special-purpose equipment consistent with special requirements.

All the products supplied for JSC “Transneft” are consistent with general technical requirements (GTR).

Industrial valves supplied for the Caspian Pipeline Consortium areconsistent with the special requirements of the Consortium.

Industrial valves for nuclear power stations are consistent with the standard НП-068-05.

PromArm supplies gate valves, ball valves and other types of valves covered with anti-corrosive coating. Our specialists can cover your valves with anti-corrosive coating. All coating types are accompanied by standard certificates.

We supply fire protection facilities (strainers, foam proportioners, foam makers) used in the storage and transportation of oil and oil products.

Moreover, PromArm offers cost calculation, engineering, manufacture, and installation of district heating substations and central heating stations.

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