PA butterfly valves


Always in stock, DN 40-1200, steel, cast iron body, different disk and seals materials


Knife gate valves of Promarm manufacturing


Knife gate valves PA series DN 50-1200 mm, PN 6-16 kgs/cm2. Always in stock.


Butterfly valves with tripple offset


We always have butterfly valves with tripple ofsset DN 50-2000 mm, PN 6-100 kgs/cm2 in stock.


Ball valves


In stock DN 10-500 PN 16-160 kgs/sm2, У1 and ХЛ1 performance. Three way ball valves for manometers 11с28п


Dealer prices and terms of delivery for energo valves


"Energomash (Chekhov) -CHZEM." Selection, manufacturing of valves for thermal power plants, hydroelectric power stations, nuclear power plants


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